Our Commitment to you

A real and exact percentage of NATURALNESS
and it must be at least 95% based on the criteria of *ISO16128 for natural skincare products. *International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)*: the sole independent, nongovernmental organisation for the creation of international standards.

Minimum 99% of ingredients from natural origin
only 1% of the formulation can be of natural-identical molecules

100% of the ingredients approved
by any certification: Cosmos, Natrue, BDIH, ICEA, Soil Association and Cosmebio.

will never find on APoEM formulations:

Petrol/Oil Derivates, Silicones, Artificial Colors, Artificial Fragrances, Sulphates, Phtalates, Toxic Sub-Products, Formaldehyde Releasers, Ethoxylated Ingredients, Animal Origin Ingredients, Parabens, Isothiazolinones, Chemical Uv Filters, … And More.

This is how we design and formulate

We don’t use any animal derived ingredients, our products are suitable for the most strict vegans!


Toxic-free by-products: Our final products are tested on the absence of by-products like 1-4 dioxane, ethylene oxide, and benzene emissions

Our products surpass all european quality and safety standards

Energy economy: We follow the low energy consumption principles in our production processes

Responsability: We prioritize the choice of the safest ingredients with the least environmental impact, regardless of its origin.

As a European standard, we follow the animal-free-testing legislation to ensure the safety of our product

We follow the recommendations of eco-responsability to ease the recycling process of our packaging

As dictated by the European regulation standards, all our products are free from cancer-causing chemicals, mutagenics and endocreine disruptors.