The nature of my formulas

We are all matter, cells, particles, atoms.

Your chemistry, my language, my fascination being the main ingredient. Delicious aromas, which dance non-stop in velvety textures, dances which gladden our inner essence, which move energy and draw a sigh from me.

As my nose becomes tuned, by palate learns, like my eyes taught me to understand. Now, I express myself through my formulas, today in my products I feel reflected.



The connection of the senses.

Light without shadow and your starry sky without my eyelids. What would become of the senses without stimulus? Like a lonely lover, with no one to hold their hand in the storm. You that say you feel, open your eyes, listen….there are secret worlds around you just waiting to caress you.

It taught me to relax, I learnt the art of breathing afresh, how wrong was I, thinking that I knew it all!



The Mediterranean lands of Sicily, you inspire my oils with aromas of innocent summers, You; Tuscan fields which lovingly embraced my childhood. My family’s kitchen, my fort, and my Nonna, the bravest warrior, who awoke the aromas of dawn and kept me safe with her “mattarello” until the sunset painted of cinnamon, clove and apple.
The aromas my chill, through them I bring you back to life.

Aromatherapy: therapeutic discipline which uses the properties of essential oils, to re-establish equilibrium, harmony.
The essential oils of APoEM are chemotyped and of therapeutic grade, which ensures a correct psycho-neurosensory stimulation.





Infusions of rosemary healed my stomach and my skin could only be consoled with oat baths. Mint waived at the end of the table, behind the empty dishes, desiring to calm the excesses of the feast. The crickets sang in the night, the vapours of the camomile danced to their subtle melody. The ancestral art of healing grew in the vegetable garden behind the house, there was no ailment that could hold out against it. We are earth and we will return to her.

Phytotherapy. (from the Greek fyton, “plant”, and therapeia, ‘therapy’).

The natural plant extracts of APoEM are carefully selected according to the chemotype of the essential oils to which are paired, to treat the deficiencies and to reinforce the specific needs of each skin type and concern.